The wedding ceremony venue is one thing to spend time on decorating. However, the reception where guests go afterwards is another. Although the reception should tie its look to the venue where the event occurred, it should also have its own identity and design value. Therefore, what factors should soon-to-be-married couples and their organisers consider when decorating a wedding reception? Here are some ideas.

1. Overall Theme

Assuming that the wedding theme has already been decided, the overall look of the reception can be geared towards that. For instance, if a wedding is held in a garden, the reception can be themed around various plants and flowers that would look lovely. Organisations can decorate the reception with seashells, sand, and other beach-like decoration if the wedding is on a beach.

While themes are reasonable, it is not the only thing that matters. What matters more is how well the overall design complements the venue. For instance, the reception at a garden can have varying sizes of plants scattered in the venue. Meanwhile, the reception at a beach can have lights that can boost the overall mood or have seashells, sand, and other beach-related props.

2. Colour Scheme

Since the wedding venue should serve as the basis of the reception design, it makes sense that the venue’s colour scheme should be the same as that of the reception. As a result, the wedding venue and reception would all have a uniform look.

However, if that is not possible, the wedding venue can have a slightly different colour scheme than the reception venue. It is also possible to use complementary colours that would highlight the venue more. Although the wedding venue and the reception venue would not have a similar look, they will still have a similar colour scheme.

3. Guests Invited

The main factor to consider in decorating the reception is the guests. The reception venue should have enough space for everyone to sit comfortably and enough room for everyone to move around in groups. The number of guests invited to the reception also affects how organisers should decorate the venue.

If the wedding venue can hold two or three times the number of attendees invited to the reception, decorating the reception is not something to worry about. However, if the venue can only accommodate the number of guests invited to the reception, it would be necessary to design a reception that looks well-decorated but does not overcrowd the venue.

4. Location

The location of the reception also affects the overall look of the venue. Organisations should consider the weather, temperature, and natural surroundings if the reception is held outdoors. As Townsville weather can be anything from warm to blisteringly hot, consideration needs to be applied to location.

Meanwhile, if the weather is questionable, organisers should design the space to accommodate more guests within its walls. On the other hand, if the reception venue has many steep hills, organisers should maintain the venue on level ground.

5. Budget

Another thing to consider in decorating the reception venue is the budget allocated for the event. Even though the reception should have a consistent design with the wedding venue, it is not necessary to spend more money on decorating it.

As a result, those with a limited budget for a wedding reception should consider the overall designs of the wedding venue when designing the reception. It is also essential to be realistic and decide how much organisers can use the venue for the wedding reception.


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