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Wedding Decorating & Event Styling

My name is Sarah Adams, I’m 38, a mother and a wife, and I have lived in Townsville now for almost 21 years and i love it! During this time I have seen the incredible rate of growth and expansion of Townsville as it becomes a popular and high quality city that more and more people are calling ‘home’.
My business setup came about in 2008 when a heartbreaking diagnosis of someone close to me made me realize that life is too short to spend it doing something that you don’t enjoy.

I decided that I wanted to be one of those people that wake up every morning and enjoy doing something that makes them happy, so I chose to pursue something that I was passionate about! Then after thinking about what I loved to do most, my thoughts kept leading me back to every single wedding, event, birthday, meeting, function, or reunion that I have ever helped organize, and how much of a kick I got out of them. I put my head down and learnt all that I could, while refining my skills and knowledge within the wedding industry side of things, and constantly keeping up with changing trends. So here I am! The proud owner of my own business that I have painstakingly built from scratch and now I’m pursuing my dream!

I’m a perfectionist by nature and I take pride in my attention to detail in order to make something that extra bit special and unique. I enjoy perfecting the finer details and know what it takes to go that extra step that makes people go ‘WOW!’.

Attention to Detail is My Specialty

Sarah is dedicated to inspiring you to create a beautiful Event that is uniquely yours and will go above and beyond to create the day or night of your dreams!!